Communications 9-1-1

Communications/911 provides emergency and non-emergency response to the citizens of Ponca City in a timely manner and maintains a high standard of communications to all emergency responders, other City Departments, and surrounding agencies.

The Ponca City Communications Center, housed in the Ponca City Police Department, operates 24 hours a day, seven day a week, 365 days of the year.

Enhanced 9-1-1 Service

The citizens of Ponca City can rightly be proud of their Communications Center, which was the first one in the entire State to be equipped with the “Enhanced 9-1-1” service. “Enhanced” means that when a land line 9-1-1 emergency call comes in, the dispatcher can see, almost instantly, plotted on a map on the computer screen exactly where that call is coming from (latitude and longitude coordinates are shown for cell calls so that the caller can be located to within 100 meters on a
map such as the one you see here). The equipment also identifies the phone subscriber’s name
and address, his/her phone number, and which emergency responder has jurisdiction in the caller’s locale.