Municipal Court

The Municipal Court will work in an efficient and professional manner to provide fairness and accurate records of all matters of the Court.

When a traffic citation is written or a complaint is filed, the defendant may either pay the fine at the Municipal Court office or be required to make a court appearance before the Municipal Judge. If the person elects to come to court, the Municipal Judge then determines the fine and sentence. When a person signs a traffic citation, it is a promise to appear in Municipal Court.


If a person fails to appear for Municipal Court after promising to appear, a warrant is issued for their arrest and they will be put in the city jail. Once a person has been to court and is assessed a fine, they can also be put in jail for failure to pay the fine or make the payments they agreed to pay when they came to court. Outstanding Warrants
Project Amnesty will be held February 1, 2018 through March 31, 2018 for anyone with outstanding warrants or fines dated on or before December 31, 2017.  This is only the third amnesty program for the City of Ponca City’s Municipal Court since 2003. 

During Project Amnesty, citizens may take advantage of a 30% reduction on all outstanding fines and warrants due to the Municipal Court, if paid in full.  No installment payments will be accepted. No discount is granted on court ordered restitution.  Municipal Court will not accept personal checks, but will accept cash, credit card, money orders, and cashiers' checks.

Police Officers will continue to serve warrants during Project Amnesty, so those with outstanding warrants are encouraged to take advantage of the program before they are arrested.  A listing of all outstanding City warrants can be found on the Outstanding Warrant link above.