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E.W. Marland moved to Ponca City in 1908 and built an oil empire. It's estimated he owned one-tenth of the world's oil reserves before leaving the oil industry to become first a U.S. Congressman, then the 10th governor of Oklahoma.
Marland's Grand Home was built from 1914 to 1916 and featured technology many had never seen. The Marland family enjoyed a central vacuuming system, an automatic dishwasher and the first indoor swimming pool built in Oklahoma.
Visitors here will enjoy strolling the restored rooms alongside an assortment of exhibits showcased in the Grand Home. The home now houses Marland Family displays, 101 Ranch artifacts, an archeology display, Native American artifacts, and a DAR exhibit


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Home Features

This was E.W. Marland’s first mansion in Ponca City. There are 22 rooms spread throughout four levels. These rooms feature:

  • A billiard room with oak trim and a bar
  • A formal dining room with original black walnut wood wainscoting on the walls as well as hand-painted wall murals
  • A grand staircase and crystal chandelier that greet visitors as they enter the home
  • An adjoining sun room inviting visitors to sit for awhile
  • An indoor swimming pool under the east terrace that was one of the first indoor pools in Oklahoma
  • A oak-paneled library that features a very large painting of Mr. Marland and his friends on their horses, ready for a fox hunt
  • Second floor bedroom suites arranged to look as they would have in the 1920s

There are also five separate rooms that display outstanding collections from Plains Indian tribes. Mr. Marland had many business dealings with area tribes.  

Oil Memorabilia

In the early years, formal gardens on the property extended four blocks east to 14th Street. E.W. Marland found his first oil well on the 101 Ranch, and became a partner with the Miller Brothers in the 101 Ranch Oil Company. The lower level of the grand home features memorabilia from this famous ranch.

Mr. Marland was the President of Marland Oil Company, which later was renamed Continental Oil, then Conoco, and is now ConocoPhillips.