Historic Preservation

Preserve America.jpgHistoric preservation is an endeavor that the City of Ponca City seeks in order to preserve, protect, and conserve buildings, objects, landscapes, and other artifacts of historic significance. The purpose of the specific ordinances in Historic Preservation Districts is to:

  • - Safeguard the heritage of Ponca City through the preservation of historic landmarks.
  • - Preserve and enhance the environmental quality of the City.
  • - Protect property values.
  • - Foster economic development.
  • - Promote the use of historic landmarks and districts.
  • - Establish a plan to accomplish the preservation goals.
  • - Strengthen the city’s economic base by the stimulation of conservation and reuse.
  • - Promote the use of historic landmarks and districts for the culture, prosperity, education and welfare of the people of the City and visitors to the City.

Protective ordinances address one of the biggest threats to historic resources. Unless protective ordinances are effectively enforced and extended to all eligible districts, valuable historic resources can quickly be lost. Ponca City’s preservation community must work to ensure that resources are identified and appropriate protection mechanisms are extended to them before resources are threatened.

In 1987 the City became a Certified Local Government (CLG) and began its historic preservation program.  In 1989 the City adopted a Historic Preservation Ordinance and created the Historic Preservation Advisory Panel (HPAP) to oversee all historic preservation activities.

The HPAP is comprised of seven (7) members:  three (3) professional people with preservation related working experience (historian, architect, real estate person, planner, lawyer, archeologist, engineer, etc.) and four (4) with preservation interest.  The HPAP has completed numerous surveys of potential historic areas, a National Register nominations, and established two Historic Preservation overlay zoning districts.  The HPAP meets on the 4th Thursday of the Month at 4:00 p.m. in the City Hall Barnes Room.  Agendas & Minutes

Historic Preservation Plan 

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Adventures in History & Heritage is a directory guidebook intended to be a resource for teachers and citizens.  It represents many cultural and or historic sites in the Ponca City area and contains information to assist those interested in planning educational visits.  We hope you will find the content informative and useful in scheduling field trips, group tours or individual visits.  
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