When do I have to purchase a Whelping Permit?

Within 10 days of the birth of each litter of puppies or kittens, you must purchase a Whelping Permit from the Office of the City Clerk or Animal Control. However, there is a limit. Your dog or cat cannot birth more than one litter per year. In addition, the ordinance prohibits the selling, displaying for commercial purposes, or giving away of animals from along roadsides, rights of way, parking lots or outdoor sales, swap meets, flea markets, or similar events. Tax-exempt, non-profit organizations founded for the purpose of providing human sanctuary or shelter for unwanted animals are not subject to the above restrictions if a 501c# certification is displayed.

C. Whelping Permit:

1. No owner shall cause, allow or suffer any female dog or cat by them owned, harbored or kept to breed or become pregnant without having a current whelping permit for said animal. The term "whelping permit" means a written authorization, issued annually by the department of animal control, giving its lawful holder permission to breed a specific female dog or a cat and for that animal to deliver not more than one litter within the twelve (12) month period encompassed by the permit.

2. Each whelping permit shall be issued in the name of the owner and for a specific named and described female animal and shall be valid for one year from the date of issuance. A separate permit must be obtained for each owned female dog or cat. The fee for each permit shall be established by resolution of the city commission.

3. In order to prevent the overbreeding of animals, each permit shall only permit the whelping of no more than one litter per female dog in any twelve (12) month period.

4. The owner shall cause his/her whelping permit number and the name of the dame which gave birth to the litter to appear in any advertisement for sale of dogs or cats born pursuant to said permit.

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