What are the curfew hours for juveniles?
Curfew hours for juveniles 15 to 18 years of age are:
  • 11:00 pm Sunday through 6:00 am Monday

  • 11:00 pm Monday through 6:00 am Tuesday

  • 11:00 pm Tuesday through 6:00 am Wednesday

  • 11:00 pm Wednesday through 6:00 am Thursday

  • 11:00 pm Thursday through 6:00 am Friday

  • 12:01 am Saturday through 6:00 am Saturday

  • 12:01 am Sunday through 6:00 am Sunday
    • Provided, during the time period from Memorial Day through Labor Day of each year, curfew for the above ages of juveniles shall commence at 12:01 am and terminate at 6:00 am of each day.

      Curfew hours for juveniles younger than 15 years of age are from 10:30 pm each day to 6:00 am the following day.

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