Where do I signup?

Customers desiring Ponca City Broadband service must come into the Utility Billing Office, located at City Hall. There is no contract, but customers do need to fill out the utility services agreement (just like they did for electric and water service). Utility Billing is open Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.

Once the customer service agreement has been signed, Ponca City Broadband will call the customer to set up an appointment for the in-home installation.

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2. How much will it cost?
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4. Will I have to sign a contract?
5. Will I be on a data cap or throttled?
6. Where do I signup?
7. When will the service be available?
8. Where is Phase 1?
9. When will you be building the next phase(s), and where will they be?
10. If I pre-signup, am I obligated to take the service once it is available?
11. I own a business in Phase 1. Can I take the service?
12. How long do I have to pre-signup?
13. Will I receive broadband bill separate from my other utility bills?
14. Will you offer telephone and/or TV service as well?
15. Will you serve areas outside of the Ponca City limits?
16. Who can I contact for more information?