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Why Recycle?
Advantages of Recycling
With the involvement and enthusiasm of many citizens, recycling is experiencing revitalization! Still, some may ask: “Why recycle?” The simplest answer is that recycling is good for the environment. Its advantages can be summarized in three areas: 
  • Save Natural Resources. By using materials more than once and making products from recycled materials instead of virgin materials, we reduce the need to cut down trees, drill for oil, or dig for minerals. Recycling helps conserve our natural resources for future generations.
  • Save Energy and Water and Reduce Air Pollution. It usually takes less energy to make recycled products. For example, production of recycled paper uses 65% less energy and 80% less water and produces 95% less air pollution than virgin paper production. Recycled aluminum takes 95% less energy to make than new aluminum from bauxite ore.
  • Save Landfill Space. Recycling reduces the amount of solid waste going into landfills, making each existing landfill last longer. When the materials that you recycle go into new products, they don’t go into landfills, so scarce landfill space is conserved.

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