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Ponca City Energy
Ponca City Utility Authority
Phil Johnston
General Manager Electric Utilities

Steve Sullivan
Assistant Director / Operations Engineer

6714 N. Pleasant View Rd.
Ponca City, OK  74604

Ph: (580) 767-0405

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
The City of Ponca City's electric utility is leased to and operated by the Ponca City Utility Authority (PCUA) pursuant to a lease agreement dated June 1, 1984. The Ponca City Utility Authority's main responsibilities include:
  • Financing future system improvements
  • Paying operation and maintenance expenses
  • Paying the debt service requirements on debt issued by the PCUA
  • Promoting the acquisition, construction, and operation of various utility facilities, services, and public improvements in and for the City
  • Receiving funds and the investment income earned
  • Receiving revenues derived from the existence and operation of the utility systems (electric, water, sanitary sewer, and solid waste)

Voicing Citizen Opinions
The Trustees of the PCUA are the same people who serve as the current Ponca City Board of Commissioners. Because Ponca City's public power system is owned by and is accountable to the people it serves, every citizen is a utility owner with access to information and a say in policies affecting their public power community. Through public meetings and at the ballot box, consumers have a direct voice in expressing their opinions about their utilities and about the community's goals and priorities.

Ponca City has its own distinctive characteristics (natural resources, geography, climate, economy, social opportunities and challenges, diversity of citizenry, and community spirit). These local characteristics must be taken into account when decisions are made about electric rates and services, fuel generation, clean air and water, and other issues that affect the entire community.

516 E. Grand, Ponca City, OK 74601
PO Box 1450, Ponca City, OK 74602
Ph. (580) 767-0339
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