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Mission & 2016 Fiscal Highlights

To provide all citizens quality public services in the most efficient and effective manner possible, utilizing qualified and dedicated employees, with accessible, well-maintained facilities and infrastructure.

2016 Fiscal Highlights
  •  Tested 2,000 poles and replaced 108 inferior poles.
  •  Converted and replaced over 1 mile of non-accessible primary overhead to underground.
  • Tested approximately 1,000 transformers and removed and replaced 12 PCBtransformers.
  • Aided Traffic Engineering in changing out signal poles on Grand from Pine to 7th Street. Also removed all signal poles on Central and Cleveland from 2nd Street to 4th Street.
  •  Installed approximately 20 miles of fiber-optic cable in 22 runs.
  •  Constructed fiber-optic extensions for new customers as required.
  •  Replaced over 10 miles of brittle primary overhead wire, and changed poles as needed in these areas.
  •  Extended feeder from Dan Moran Sub to the Wastewater Treatment Plant and installed a padmounted automatic source selection switch. Performed relay upgrade at the Wastewater Sub to improve reliability, give network capability, and improve outage response.
  •  Installed new underground system to Highland Park (Highland & Waverly).
  •  Performed tree trimming, tree removals and right-of-way clearing in 5 of the 22 trimming areas equating to 30% of the system.
  •  Mapped, labeled and installed fault locators on transformers in 23 underground additions.
  •  Built the rodeo grounds and hosted the MESO Lineman’s Rodeo.
  •  Worked on electrical model extensively for Outage Management by connecting all consumers, corrected all phasing, and inserted missing fuses.
  •  Revised script for IVR Phone Answering System to provide a better customer experience and better data to linemen.
  • Replaced circuit breakers and performed a relay upgrade at Dan Moran
  • Substation to improve reliability, increase network performance, and improve outage response.
  •  Performed feeder modifications to improve reliability and flexibility during adverse weather.

516 E. Grand, Ponca City, OK 74601
PO Box 1450, Ponca City, OK 74602
Ph. (580) 767-0339
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