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Building Codes

Model building codes currently adopted by the City, and thus enforced by building officials, include:

International Building Code                                           2009 edition
Regulates design, construction or renovation of all structures, with the exception of one-and-two family dwellings

International Existing Building Code                             2009 edition
Provides standards to be applied to the remodel, alteration or occupancy of existing structures

International Plumbing Code       2009 edition as amended by State of Oklahoma 
Regulates design, materials & installation of plumbing systems and equipment

International Mechanical Code    2009 edition as amended by State of Oklahoma 
Regulates design, materials & installation of systems utilized for the heating & cooling of buildings

International Fuel Gas Code        2009 edition as amended by State of Oklahoma 
as amended by State of OklahomaRegulates design, materials & installation of systems serving, or connected to, flammable gas- or fuel-fired appliances or equipment

International Energy Conservation Code                          2009 edition
Mandates minimum standards to be applied to building construction, in order to provide for the efficient utilization of energy resources

International Residential Code              2009 edition as amended by State of Oklahoma 
Regulates design and construction of one-and-two family dwellings and some townhouses

International Fire Code                          2009 edition as amended by State of Oklahoma 
Provides standards pertaining to the construction or use of buildings or premises, with the intention of affording the occupants at least minimum levels of protection from the hazards associated with fire or other potentially dangerous materials or conditions

National Electrical Code                        2008 edition as amended by State of Oklahoma
Regulates design, materials & installation of electrical systems, from the point of attachment to the City’s power lines, to the fixtures or equipment served by those systems; also regulates stand-alone systems, alternative power systems, and low-voltage/communications systems

Municipal Code Title 10 (Building Regulations)
Lists local exceptions to the provisions of any of the model codes cited; details effective dates and language for local adoption of recent editions of the building codes listed

Municipal Code Title 11 (Zoning Regulations)
Provides guidelines for appropriate and consistent use of property and buildings within the corporate limits of the City of Ponca City
A number of other national codes and standards are adopted through reference in the building codes. They provide details for design, materials and manufacturing that apply to all phases of the construction industry.
Construction projects undertaken within Ponca City’s jurisdictional boundaries must be designed to the standards of the codes indicated. Plans are reviewed, permits issued, and corresponding work inspected, to verify that those standards are met. Local inspectors enforce these codes to maintain minimum levels of safety, quality and convenience, to the benefit of the citizens of Ponca City. The codes, however, cannot possibly prescribe or define every potential construction scenario. In these instances, inspectors are called upon to render interpretations of the codes, always with the goals of preserving their intent, and of seeing that health and life safety are not compromised.

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