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Job Number: 2017-024
Category: City of Ponca City Jobs
Status: Open
Salary: $16.72 - $17.56
Application Available: Apply Online

General Job Description: To operate and maintain the City’s water and wastewater treatment plant and pumping facilities; to clean and protect the downstream water for users; and to operate and maintain various pump equipment and production facilities in support of the City’s water system.

Essential Job Functions:
1. Inspect pumps and gauges in either the water or wastewater treatment plant; record all vital information on production totals; adjust gauges as appropriate.
2. Collect water samples; perform chemical tests; determine chemical needs of the water; calculate chemical dosages and add appropriate chemicals to water as needed.
3. Service treatment plant machinery by filling oil levels, changing oil, inspecting cooling levels, and blowing off condensation.
4. Regulate and maintain proper water levels in towers and clear wells.
5. Check chemical residuals in finished water to ensure proper dosages.
6. Inspect all pumps, gauges, and water and wastewater treatment equipment for malfunctions or leaks; diagnose needed repairs; perform maintenance and repairs as needed.
7. Perform regular testing of equipment and machinery to maintain quality assurance and high performance.
8. Transfer sludge from primary to secondary digester as needed.
9. Collect water and wastewater samples using a pH meter in adherence to local, State and Federal guidelines and standards; transport samples to the treatment plant laboratory.
10. Prepare and maintain a variety of reports, logs, meters, and charts.
11. Must have acceptable attendance and the ability to work well with people.
12. Any specific requirements that are specified in the “letter of employment offer”.

Marginal Job Functions: (Not fundamental but part of the job in a less important manner.)
1. Perform grounds maintenance functions on treatment plant property including mowing and weedeating; service and clean all mowing and trimming equipment used in grounds maintenance.
2. Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.

Knowledge of:
1. Operations, services and activities of a water or wastewater treatment plant; operational characteristics of water pump equipment and tools used in the maintenance and repair of pumping facilities.
2. Methods and techniques of pump installation, repair and regulation; chemical coagulation and settling processes.
3. Water treatment and wastewater cycles; principles of hydraulics; reservoir and pump capabilities to regulate water flow.
4. Chlorine formulas and testing techniques; occupational hazards and standard safety practices.
5. Basic mathematical calculations; pertinent Federal, State and local laws, codes and regulations.

Ability to:
1. Operate a variety of water and wastewater control and pumping equipment in a safe and effective manner.
2. Recognize improper pump operation through visual inspection or auditory inspection; repair water and wastewater control pumping equipment; calculate chemical needs of water based on analysis results.
3. Work independently in the absence of supervision.; understand and follow oral and written instructions.
4. Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
5. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course or work.
6. Maintain physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities

Experience and Training Guidelines:
Two years of experience involving the operation of water or wastewater treatment plant equipment
Training equivalent to the completion of the 12th grade supplemented by specialized training in water or wastewater treatment plant operations.

Necessary Licenses, Certificates, Etc.:
Possession of, or ability to obtain, a Water or Wastewater Operator License, Class “D” or higher, issued by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. A Class “B” Water and Class “C” Wastewater Lab License may be required.
Possession of, or ability to obtain, an appropriate valid driver’s license.
Publication Date/Time:
5/16/2017 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
Open Until Filled

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Ponca City, OK 74601
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