Public Works

The Public Works Department is comprised of Street and Drainage Division, City Garage, Stormwater, Airport and Lew Wentz Golf Course.

City Garage

-The city garage is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all the city vehicles.

Street & Drainage

-The Street & Drainage division is responsible for the maintenance of all city streets, alleys, drainage systems, and city owned parking lots.

Stormwater Quality

- The Stormwater Fund will utilize revenues derived from the Stormwater fee to provide for management of rainfall runoff. This fund will also be responsible for maintaining compliance with Federal and State regulations as they pertain to Stormwater.

The City of Ponca City, like other communities in Oklahoma, is required by federal environmental regulations to implement a phase II stormwater management program.  This involves public awareness of stormwater issues, monitoring stormwater discharges into area creeks and rivers, and correction of improper or illicit discharges. The stormwater division is also responsible for public education and outreach.