Construction Projects

This project is for a sanitary sewer line, restroom facility and boat trailer parking lot associated with a new deep water boat ramp near the Lake Ranger's facillity on West Lake Ponca at the north side of the swimming beach. Phase I is complete and Phase II started on December 10th.  It is for the deep water boat ramp.  The project was awarded to Sober Brothers on 11/26/18.
This project will be the conversion of the former  Community building at 223 E. Grand. into a 24 room apartment complex. The floor plan includes 12 one-bedroom and 12 two-bedroom apartments.

Description:  This is for construction of a new 2-story, 24-room apartment building at 202 N. 4th.  All rooms will have a 2-bedroom floorplan.
Progress:  Demolition of the old Firestone building is currently underway.  No other site work has been initiated at this time.

Concert hall
Description:  Addressed at 600 E. Overbrook, site of the old Hutchin's auditorium, this project involves construction of a new 3-level, 1574-seat concert hall & performance center.  It will encompass 48,783 SF of sprinkler-protected  space & feature a 2600 SF stage area & an elevator.
Progress:  Foundation work under the Phase 1 permit is complete, with slab placement continuing.  The permit for Phase 2 has been issued & paid for.

IMG_8288Building Site for a Jiffy Trip at the corner of 14th and Prospect. Building plans are being prepared for submittal.