Construction Projects


Design: WT Architects
Contractor: Rick Scott
Project Bid: $1,264,873.00

Bintz Pharmacy
Addition to front of pharmacy building

Progress: Electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and framing inspections have all been completed. Roof work has been completed. Once windows and doors are in place contractor will begin exterior façade.

Didlake Barn

Restoration and renovation of existing structure with site development.

Site work is in progress, parking area is in the process of being poured. Underground plumbing has been passed in the structure. Roof structural beams are have been erected. Framing is ongoing to finish out roof and windows.
Ponca City Safety Center and Jail-300 E. Oklahoma
New Municipal Safety Center and Jail House. This is a $17,600,000.00 Project. Coming Late 2023.
IMG_6284Union Bridge
MKEC Engineering completed the plans for this project in FY 20/21. The project will replace the existing deck including the addition of shear connectors along the girders to increase load-carrying capacity, replace the bridge rails to current standards, replace bearings at the north abutment, and provide for miscellaneous concrete repairs to the piers and abutments.  Bids opened 03/10/22.  Awarded to K & R Builders of OKC in the amount of $917,270.46 on 3/28/22.  Construction will begin in May to minimize disruption to school traffic.

20130605_5Senior Center
Project Amount: $ 1,570,062.44
The City requested funding under “Rehabilitation assistance” for the Ponca City Senior Center and City Central building.  Planned rehabilitation at the Senior Center includes replacing its current HVAC system and duct work, conducting a mold remediation project and replacing the roof at the Center.  The budget for that portion of the project is $500,000.00.  Planned rehabilitation at the City Central building includes upgrading its HVAC system.  Budget for that portion of the project is $1,000,000.00.  The remaining $70,062.44 will be for Activity Delivery Costs. An environmental review is underway on both properties and Ken Bradley is working with contracted engineers to design both projects.  Hope to bid the project in June/July.  

Campground new showerProject will replace the aging facility with a prebuilt unit.  Held kick-off meeting with P&R Director in mid-July. Survey and plan preparation was completed by City Engineering staff.  Project is turned over to the P&R Director to bid and coordinate.   City will serve as general contractor and has contracted out the completion of the plumbing and electrical work.  Demo of the old bathroom was completed in November 2022.  Park Department graded and placed and compacted rock base.  Plumbing and electrical work are all complete.  The new facility was delivered on March 23, 2022.  Street department will complete all of the site concrete work after the building is installed.  

Marland Grand Home

The Phase III scope includes repairing and repainting the stucco on the entire exterior of the home.   City awarded base bid and add alternate #1 for exterior wood component repairs and painting.  Pre-Construction meeting held on March 8th and the Notice to Proceed issued. Project is funded by CDBG, City, and Friends of Marland’s Grand Home. Project Bid: $301,083.00

Wentz Driving Range

This project will make use of the excess dirt generated by the airport project to extend the usable area northwest of the Wentz Camp Dining Hall for use as a new driving range.  Project will move approximately 67,000 cubic yards of dirt from North Ash to the new site.  Range will include netting to capture balls and a golf ball picker machine.

101 Rodeo Bleachers
This will replace the failing bleachers at the 101 Rodeo Grounds and address ADA compliance.  New bleachers will sit on new concrete pads.  City forces will complete design work, concrete parking, and sidewalks.  Pads and bleacher installation will be contracted.  Bleachers expected to arrive in October
IMG_6304Pioneer Apartments
Project Bid: $2,000,000.00

Description: Remodeling of the existing apartments

Progress: Interior demolition is ongoing. Owner is working on getting Architectural plans. A new plan is in place to work on 10 apartments at a time and get them operational/rented.