How do I report an outage?

To report an outage call 767-0405. This number will get you to our office staff during normal working hours and connect you to our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for afterhours reporting.  High call volume may not allow your call to get through. Try again later.

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1. How do I report an outage?
2. Where does Ponca City Energy (PCE) get its power?
3. My power went out, what do I do?
4. How do I report an outage?
5. What does my electric line look like?
6. What is a point-of-connection?
7. Where is my meter and what does it look like?
8. Why can’t Ponca City Energy tell when the power will be back on?
9. Who is responsible if I have trees growing in the power line to my electric meter?
10. I have an object or a tree limb hanging on my electric line, who I call?
11. A broken limb is on my power line what should I do?
12. What are the major causes of Power Outages?
13. How far should I plant my tree from the electric lines?
14. Why does the power company trim so much off my trees near the main power lines?