Are there walking trails in Ponca City?

Yes,  Ponca City has several walking trails:

•             Cann Memorial Garden Trail located at 1500 E. Grand Avenue (up to .38 miles)

•             Downtown Fitness Trail located at 516 E. Grand Avenue (up to 1.53 miles)

•             Lake Ponca Walking Trail located at 1150 L.A. Cann Drive (up to 1.325 miles)

•             Marland Estate Trail/Redbud Trail located at 901 Monument Road (up to 1.53 miles)

•             RecPlex Trail located at 1604 W. Grand Avenue (up to .86 miles)

•             War Memorial Trail located at 706 N. Seventh Street (up to 1.325 miles)

•             Standing Bear Trail located at 601 Standing Bear Parkway (up to 1.72 miles)

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