How much is sales tax in Ponca City?

For every taxable dollar you spend in Ponca City, you pay an additional 8.667 cents in sales tax or $8.667 for every $100 spent. This amount includes the State portion of four and a half cents, the County portion of 0.667 of a cent for the  jail facility, and the City portion of three and a half cents. Of the City’s portion, two cents goes to the general operations of the City, half a cent goes to street improvements, and half a cent funds Debt Service for construction of the Ponca City Aquatic and Family Center – YMCA.

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1. Is the City in good financial condition?
2. Have sales tax collections been affected by decreased oil prices and drilling activity in the region?
3. Ponca City does not seem to be experiencing the same fiscal stress and layoffs that I read about in other communities across the country. Why is that?
4. How much is sales tax in Ponca City?